1774 – John Decker’s Fort

Isaac Cox transferred all his land including the log house over to John Decker, a rich landowner.  Even though the French & Indian War had ended, Indian attacks along the Ohio River continued through the 1790s.   The fort was the site of many conflicts as Indians fired upon the settlers from nearby Mingo Island. To protect his family, Decker built a fort or blockhouse of logs and stones.  Decker’s Fort was located on the ground later used by the railroad between Broad Street and the Ohio river. Decker’s 343 acres comprised land from the Wabash Bridge, including property later owned by W.B. Mahan in what is now Follansbee.

Another event connected to Decker’s Fort occurred in October 1776. A volunteer force under the command of Isaac Cox gathered at Hollidays Cove (Weirton) to provide defense of settlers along the Ohio River, including the vicinity of Decker’s Fort. This event represents a rare snapshot of the Decker’s Fort area, which was described as a small settlement protected by the volunteers while settlers gathered their corn.







John Decker – road marker.