1902 – Cyrus Ferguson

Cyrus Ferguson was also an important booster for the new bridge and the Follansbee Brothers Tin Mill.  He owned extensive properties and oil reserves on the West Virginia side of the river. After the Market Street bridge was built, Ferguson sold a large track of orchard land to Ernest Weir for the construction of Weirton Steel in 1909.  Ferguson also played a large part in laying out the plan and lots for the city of Weirton, including the area of Holiday Cove.

He was a primary owner of the Follansbee Oil field that opened just north of town in 1907.  In 1916, he developed real estate in the north section of Follansbee called Ferguson’s Addition.  His Follansbee properties included one of his residences that stood where the Middle School Gym is located today.

Dohrman Sinclair and Cyrus Ferguson were instrumental in transforming the old farming economy of the area into a manufacturing one.  Among the developments was the Market Street bridge – the area’s first non-railroad bridge primarily built for a streetcar line leading to a booming economic triangle between Steubenville, Follansbee, and Weirton.

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