1910 – First High School Football Game

Many locals tell of the first Follansbee High football team that had only 11 players. One of their first opponents was Mingo Junction. George Hubbs, who would later coach the All American Walter “Red” Mahan at Follansbee in 1920, coached the first Follansbee squad. His duties included teaching and doubling as coach. In those days, the players bought their own uniforms and protective equipment such as noise guards and shin guards. Chauncey Jacobs, was the Mingo coach. He later came to Follansbee and became superintendent in the local school district.  The Follansbee boys paid their own way across the river on the Mingo Ferry. During the game, one of the Follansbee lads was injured. The team continued with ten players.  Fights broke out on the side lines and the teams joined in. The referees penalized the Follansbee boys and gave the game to Mingo. Unable to pay for the return ferry ride, the players walked across the Wabash railroad bridge in order to get home.

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