1911 & 1913- Welsh Lads Baseball and Football Teams

One of the earliest city athletic teams was the “Welsh Lads.”  Their name reflects the large number of Welsh families who build the Steel Mill.   In 1911 the Welsh Lads baseball team participated in the Follansbee City League. Their line-up included the following:  G. Heckman (MF), Lindell, (1st), Eschenbaugh (L), Radcliffe (3d), J. Jones (SS), Holland (2nd), Craigh (RF), Claypool (C), and  W. Blakley (P).

Welsh Lads, circa 1910.  Photo courtesy of 1911 Mill Towns Review newspaper.






stephens_scorekeeper James Stephens, 1911 City League scorekeeper & manager of Welsh Lads Football team.




Sep. 26, 1913 – The Welsh Lads also had a football team and decided to reorganize their team after a year’s layoff.  James Stephens, who had successfully piloted the Lads team through three previous seasons during 1909-1911, continue as manager of the Welsh Lads football team.







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