1929 – Main Street Was Paved

Follansbee’s celebration of the paving of Main Street illustrated the remarkable energy of a small town to accomplish big things.  City manager Delmar Jenkins completed plans for a street-opening celebration.   Committees from all lodges, civic clubs and schools were invited to participate in the street parade.  Invitations were sent to Governor William G. Conley of West Virginia and all mayors of nearby Ohio communities.  The paving of Main Street was promoted as a grand improvement linking travel on State Highway Route No. 2 in the northern Panhandle.  Committee chairman included, finance, William Lake; band, Leo Lusk; fireworks, Frank Desantio; parade, J.C. Spitznogle; stump committee, John McQuillian; invitations, George Hubbs; publicity, George S. Hahne; decoration, Mrs. Ella Walker; refreshments, Mrs. R.A. Swift, and fire equipment, Rees Reese.  Plans included a parade, dancing on the street, and band concerts.   Merchants and citizens were asked to decorate their stores and homes, while the city would decorate the street. As the 1920s closed, Follansbee was symbolized by its remarkable leadership and the commitment of its residents.

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