1940 – New Hooverson Heights School Opens

The school was dedicated on March 13, 1941, but opened for classes in 1940 for the 1940-1941 school year.  A bronze plaque at the school mentions the first school board members including Henry L. Doak (president),  Leroy E. Shipley,  Herman Zimmerman and Claude R. Carey. Olen Rutan was secretary of the board and superintendent of schools. The first teachers were Catherine Gregory (principal), Lois Atkinson, Hugh Turk, June Ratcliffe and Doris Virden.

First row: Gordon Dadey, Lorelei Evans, Richard LaPasta, Eva Jean Brady, Shirley Hubbard, Gerald Ayers, Mary Jane Sabel, Leroy Saunders, Jerry Berdini, Laverna Douglas, Richard Zembardi, Catherine Uhar; Second row: Tommy Geary, Martha Welshans, Robert Rhoades, Thelma Krystynak, Ronald Maderia, Donna Blankenship, Marge Thomson, Joe Shawver, Connie Wallace?, Edward Delmer; Third row: Bill Eckles, Jerry Huffman, Marven Waugh, Lora Lee Cox, Jimmy Bullock, Roger Kuhn, Winifred Boffo, Dorothy Sue Baker, Frances Prescott.      Courtesy of West Virginia State Archives.


    Hooverson Heights

    Hooverson Heights Grade School, grades 1-4 together, 1938. First row: Don Platter, Naomi Bishop, Edith Geary, Bob McCall, Mary Lou Gassmer, Shirley Stakes, Margy Truxal, Bob Knight. Second row: Donald ?, Howard Renforth, Bob Miller, Crystal Lang, Florence Peters, Valecia Onea, Tom Allison, Jean Bullock, Floyd ?. Third row: Doris Persinger, Doris McFarland, Frank Roush, Frank Sterrett, Bill Carte, Junior Martin, Faye Cox, Frank Rogers, John Keeling, Mary Bell Headt. Fourth row: Joann Blakely, Mary F. Mark, Freda Rogers, Betty Bishop, Mazie Brindly, Wayne Dobson, Bill Wilson, Maurice Platter, Thera Weatherhead. Fifth row: teacher Lois Anderson. Photo: W. V. State Archives


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