April 1914 – Church Census Taken Of Follansbee

A survey of the religious affiliations of Follansbee citizens was conducted by city churches.  While the survey probably did not include many city immigrants who were unable to read or speak English, it is an interesting reflection of the city. The survey committee was made up of prominent city leaders including Elmer B. Jackson, chairman.  Others included H.B. Mahan, William Thomas, and Robert Montgomery to mention a few of the 22-member committee.   The results of persons who reported being affiliated with a church were as follows:

  • Presbyterian                 174
  • Christian                       164
  • Catholic                         162
  • Methodist Episcopal   144
  • Episcopal                         39
  • Hebrews                          22
  • Greek Catholic                11
  • United Presbyterian      10
  • Baptist                                9
  • German Lutheran            8
  • Lutheran                            8
  • Italian Presbyterian         3
  • Congregation                     1
  • Free Methodists               1

A space was left on the survey for those who were not members of any church, to state their preference, with the following results:  Methodist Episcopal 95, Presbyterian 79, Christian 65, Episcopal 24, Catholic 19, Baptist 9, German Lutheran 7, Methodist Protestant 3, Lutheran 1, United Presbyterian 1. 

“Sixty-one stated they were not members, nor attended any place of worship, and had no preference of a church or denomination.”  Of the 162 Catholics surveyed, fifty-three were Americans or English speaking, the others were foreigners.

  • Mill Towns Review, “746 Christians in Follansbee,” April 24, 1914, front page.