April 1916 – Opening Of Baseball Season 1916

Before radio and television, people spent most of their time outdoors enjoying all sorts of entertainment.   The opening of baseball season was an opportunity to celebrate.  A street parade was organized with nearly every automobile in town, which in 1916 may have been as few as 4 or 5. The parade was led by the Citizens Bank car followed by the players and officials.  Hundreds of fans marched to the Glass House Field. The field was also called “Bush Field” named after Winfield Bush who was a Glass House foreman who influenced the Company to allow their land to be used for baseball and football. The parade marched from Penn street to the ball field. Following a band concert, Mayor Williams pitched the first ball as the Follansbee team took the field against the East Liverpool Grand Athletes.   Nearly a thousand spectators cheered the home team to a 6-3 victory. A May 12 issue of the Review reported Follansbee winning over Martins Ferry in 16 innings. The Follansbee lineup was listed as follows:  Houser (3B), Buchannan (3B), Mahan (2B), Steinor (M), Ratcliffe (SS), Ishenbaugh (LF), Gaffeney (CF), Brady (1B), Blakley (RF), and Silvis (P). Two players were listed as third base suggesting that a substitute occurred during the long game.  Same names may be misspelled when reported by the newspaper.

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