April 6, 1917 – Congress Declares War Against Germany

Patriotic demonstrations, parades, and appeals to support the war effort occurred across the nation.   At a war rally meeting held in Wellsburg, Follansbee’s Attorney Robert L. Ramsay, called upon the crowd to renew their allegiance to the flag.  “Fellow Citizens, at this time there should be no south, no north; no east, no west and no middle west, no republican, no democrat, only one America and all Americans… there is no question where the people of old Brooke county stand; we are ready to again renew our allegiance to the old flag, ready…. with our lives to defend the honor, the dignity and the life of our beloved Republic.”

In Follansbee, a big patriotic parade and flag raising occurred.  A patriotic address was given by Mr. William U. Follansbee of the Follansbee Brothers company.  The exercises were held on a vacant mill-office site, on the corner of Main and Penn streets. A 72-foot flag-pole was erected and every school child in the parade was given a small flag to wave.

Recruitment was already underway for all able-bodied male citizens under 35 of age who wanted to be in the military for the national defense. Among the first boys sent for military training to Fort Thomas, Kentucky, were Albert Millington, Fred Turner, James Stewart, Joseph Johnson, Charles Bell, John Leeper, George Budea, John Vicella and George Christian (Broncho Bill).

World War I


  Photo Courtesy: Former Follansbee Mayor Tony Paesano






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