Dec. 24, 1931 – Follansbee’s Ancient Tree Cut Down

A towering ancient tree standing on Jefferson street, near Allegheny, was cut down the day before Christmas. The tree stood between the Thomas and Gunion homes. The removal of the tree left an open space where its massive trunk and tremendous height dwarf the surrounding community. The newspaper described the tree as “a prominent landscape” in existence for at least a century. It was known that the tree stood when the Mahan family first came to the area in 1815.  “The Mahan run (now called Allegheny creek) originally rippled by the yenerable old tree before its course was diverted to its present bed along Allegheny street.” See 1815-Wiliam Mahan.  

  • Follansbee Review, “Remove of Ancient Tree on Jefferson Street,” December 31, 1931, front page.