Jan. 1914 – The Billy Sunday Tabernacle

The great evangelist conducted six weeks of tabernacle meetings in Steubenville. The Follansbee churches, Follansbee Tin Mill employees, and community organizations attended, taking special streetcars to Steubenville.  About 500 mill employees and the Citizens Band of 24 pieces led the procession to the tabernacle.  Five men carried a large electric banner bearing the inscription: “Follansbee Bros. Co. Employees.”  William Banfield, general manager of the Follansbee Bros. Mill, presented Rev. Sunday with a large bouquet of flowers.  The famous evangelist Rev. William A. Sunday received $11,334.79 in donations over the six weeks of prayer meetings.   D. J. Sinclair, the prominent citizen of Steubenville, contributed $500, the largest sum given during the campaign.  The tent tabernacle was put together in leaps and bounds by the labor of many people.  Rev. Sunday compared the walls of his tabernacle to the building of the old time walls of Jerusalem.

1914 Bill Sunday





1914 Bill Sunday Tabernacle







Billy Sunday Tabernacle





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