Jan. 1915 – Eagle Hall Becomes Penn Street Hall

One of the year’s biggest real estate deals in Follansbee took place on Wednesday, January 27, 1915 when George. E. Wood bought the Eagle Hall property on Penn Street at the corner of Virginia.  For years, the Eagle Hall was the main gathering place for social functions.  With the change in ownership, the building was renamed, Penn Street Hall.  The Penn Street Hall building continued to function as the city’s chief gathering place for dancing, club meetings, ceremonies, lectures, dinners, and receptions among many other activities.   In January 1916, the Follansbee Review reported the following clubs meeting at Penn Street Hall.

Garibaldi Society  — every 1st Sunday morning of the month
Romanian Society — last Sunday of each month
Pythian Sisters — every Monday evening
Loyal Order of Old Fellows — every Tuesday evening
Fraternal Order of the Eagles — every Friday evening
Royal Neighbors — every 1st and 3rd Thursdays
Follansbee Volluntere Firemen - JP







Volunteer Firemen banquet at Penn Street Hall,   Photo courtesy – James Piccirillo

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