May 29, 1914 – Follansbee Mill Bullets used in the Mexican Civil War

Bullets possibly fired by the Federals and Constitutionalists were found in the Follansbee mill yard by Walter McCroda and Cecil Lusk.  The “greaser” pellets were extracted from the side of a boxcar bearing the title “N de M 9271” (National de Mexico) and the car was billed here direct from Texarkana Texas. The inside of the car walls were covered with Mexican epithets.

By1916 the Mexican Civil War was encroaching into U.S territory. President Wilson sent troops commanded by Gen. John J. Pershing to stop Pancho Villa’s border raids into New Mexico and Texas.

John Meno of Follansbee, who lived on lower Highland Street, was in the army stationed along the border.  Meno took photos of the army camp, including a firing squad shooting a Mexican bandit. Because Meno was under age when he enlisted, he was discharged and joined again in 1918.

IMG_0745 Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 11.01.32 AM Screen-Shot-2015-12-07-at-12.51.43-PM Photo Courtesy of Tillie Meno.

Photos Courtesy of Tillie Meno.

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