Nov. 16, 1955 – 30th Anniversary of Tent Farm Women’s Club

The history of the Tent Farm Women’s Club was delivered by Mrs. John Clark at the club’s 30th anniversary program on November 10, 1955. The club was first organized in November 1925 at the home of Mrs. Ressie Freshwater near the Tent Church. The members selected gold and blue as their colors and the Hollyhock as the club’s flower. The small community was scattered and no 4 H club was near. The local rural families identified with the near by Tent Church that needed their patronage. A constitution was drawn up with some of the following objectives in mind: promote sociability and good fellowship, help support in every way possible their only local institution, the Tent Church, and work together to solve home and community problems to the best of their ability.

The Tent Church Women’s Club enriched the lives of the people in their rural community. Meetings were held every second Friday of the month. The club donated to the Sunday school and other local causes, and established a bank account with $27 for every baby of a club member.

The list of club presidents form 1925 to 1955 included the following: Mrs. Wilbur Freshwater, Mrs. John Clark, Mrs. Willard Strain, Miss Marie Jackson, Mrs. Lillith Carter, Mrs. Wallace Mechling, Mrs. Adda Householder, Mrs. James Lusk, Mrs. Lysle McLaughlin, Mrs. John McAlpine, Mrs. Hugh Turk and Mrs. Teresa Blaskovich.

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