Oct. 4, 1919 – City Honors War Veterans

The celebration was described as the greatest reception accorded service men by a city its size – one thousands locals attended.  Mayor Charles Berry acted as Grand Marshal.   The parade included three autos carrying 18 Civil War veterans.  Others being celebrated were the Spanish American War veterans, and hundreds of returning troops representing all branches of the armed forces.  The parade included the Sons of Italy band, Patton’s band, and the Follansbee High School band.   Patton’s band of Steubenville was organized by W.B. Patton in 1893.  It was a popular parade band of the day.

Among the activities scheduled was a football game between the Follansbee Tanks and the Toronto Tigers resulting in a 0-0 tie.  The game was played at the Duquesne Street field. Among the many other activities was a huge ox-roast, evening dancing with Caputos band of Pittsburgh, and a spectacular fireworks display.

The Cross Creek District sent 350 servicemen to war. Seventeen sacrificed their lives.  A souvenir program was issued listing the names of all of the District soldiers.  The Follansbee Review noted, “It is hardly probable that an event will occur within our lifetime to compare with the Service Men’s Welcome Celebration …”

1919 WW1


  Front cover of 1919 Homecoming Program – Paul Freese











  Excerpt from 1919 memorial service to Follansbee boys killed in WWI







Picture of 1919 Follansbee parade showing Red Cross women. Photo courtesy of W. Va. State Archives.





1920s City Celebration. Follansbee was known as “The Little Town That Does Big Things”
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