Sept. 1919 – Results Of Follansbee Auto Race

As part of the annual Jubilee to raise funds for the city, the Virginia Avenue speedway featured the best motorists in the local area.  The race began at the intersection of Alleghany Street and extended eight blocks down Virginia Avenue.   Records were established for brick pavement speeding. Virginia Avenue was roped off at noon, two hours practice was allowed as contestants and the starters prepared for the program beginning at 2 p.m. “Several thousand saw the races, which were in pairs and against time.” Fans crowded the sidewalks and yards of local home owners. George Irish was in charge of the race program.   The Herald Star reported the results.

  • Side Car Race  —  5 cars entered.  3 in finals; Thompson of Wheeling the winner.
  • Motorcycle Solo Race —   10 machines entered.   2 machines in each heat, best two out of three heats.   Cheshire of Wheeling first;  Oakes of Wellsburg second: Thompson of Wheeling third.  Cheshire and Oakes rode Harley-Davidsons and Thompson rode a Henderson.
  • Heavy Cars — Kincade in a Nash was first in 28 seconds.   Jacobs of Wheeling took second place in an Oakland.  Sabol of Follansbee in a Hupmobile was third.    Metcalf of Steubenville in a Velie took fourth place.
  • Race For Ford Cars — Harris of Wellsburg beat J. Schwertfeger of Follansbee by one quarter of a second over the half mile course. Harvey of Wellsburg was third.
  • Steubenville Herald Star, “Prize Winners of Big Auto Race…,”  September 22, 1919.  p 4.