Sept. 1920 — Blakley Athletic Club Baseball & Football Teams

The Blakley athletic club was preceded during the city’s first two decades by the Thistle A.C.,  Welsh Lads and Follansbee Tanks. The Blakley baseball and football teams represented the city in 1920-1921.  Located on Main Street, the Blakley pool hall club played its athletic contests at the Pastime Park.   Gerald Eugene Blakley purchased the business for his three sons to operate form an earlier proprietor.

Ray Blakley was the manager of the Blakley A.C.  Ray played football at Bethany College and was “known as one of the best line busters in the valley.” The Blakley football coach was Sam Baker.   Gerald “Peck” Blakley, whose grandfather sponsored the team, recalled as a little boy seeing the players dressing for games in the basement of the pool hall.   They would then load on to a trolley for games out of town.   (See October 1921, Special Street Car to Brilliant)

Reports indicate that the team had difficulty finding support from local boosters and scheduling games at Pastime Park, which explains why the final games were away. A partial schedule of the 1920-21 seasons were reported by the “Herald Star.” Notice the cancellations, which indicate the difficulties the Athletic Club had in scheduling.

  • Blakley vs Follansbee High School – score unavailable  (H)
  • Blakley vs Mingo Indians  (A) was scheduled as opening game, score unavailable
  • Blakley 7-7 Bellaire Buckeye A.C. (H)
  • Blakley vs Benwood A.C.  – game cancelled due to death of a Benwood player
  • Blakley 0-14 Moundsville American Legion (H)
  • Blakley 13-0 Toronto Tigers or Acme (H)
  • Blakley 6-0 Wellsburg Merchants (A)
  • Blakley 6-0 Martins Ferry American Legion (A)
  • Blakley 7-0 Brilliant Independents (A)
  • Blakley vs Coleman A. C. Pittsburgh  – game was cancelled

Peck Blakley Gerald “Peck” Blakley, is the grandson of Gerald Eugene Blakley, the founder of the Blakley Athletic Club.





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