Sept. 1921 – Attempted Murder By Black Handers

An attempt was made by several Black Handers to kill James Circone who resided on the corner of Main and Raymond streets. Circone, a respected resident of the city for 16 years, was induced to step out onto the porch. One of the men pulled a gun and told him to prepare to die.   Circone fled back into his house as a bullet whizzed past his head almost hitting his wife. Circone, who was a merchant, had helped the authorities rid the town of Black Handers in the past.

As a result of the murderous attempt, Follansbee officials, aided by citizens prepared to drive the alleged Black Handers from the city.   Four Italian suspects were arrested and others were being sought.   The Herald Star reported that those known to be connected with the society were rounded up and marched out of town.

  • Steubenville Herald Star, “Attempted Murder at Follansbee,” September 15, 1921, p. 3.