1904 – Follansbee Brother’s Tin Plate And Sheet Steel Mills

The mill began operations on September 9, 1904. Construction began in 1902. Six tin plate and two sheet mills were operating by 1904 with 600 employees. The overall operations were housed in three buildings composing about two acres of ground. Two additional sheet mills were added in 1911 and a fourth one in 1918. By 1920 the Follansbee Brothers employed 1,500 employees.

Tin Mill



The Follansbee Brothers used Thomas Mahan’s home as their first office, 1904. 





See Mahan’s home lacated on the Mill map at the bottom left side.



Tin Mill


 Workers holding tools at old Follansbee Mill heaters, P.J. Morgan third from left. Photo: Mavis Roush, WV ARCHIVES


Tin Mill 2





Follansbee Sheet Metel Mill 1909









Both above drawings of the Mill show a strip of land just offshore that later submerged as dams raised the river levels and dredging operations occurred.