1904 – Wabash Railroad Bridge Constructed

For bridge enthusiasts, what is impressive about the bridge is its decorative finials on top of the towers.  The bridge is located on Route 2 between Follansbee and Cross Creek. The Wabash Bridge was also a popular route for foot traffic from Cross Creek, Wellsburg, and Follansbee to Mingo Junction on the other side of the river. There was a streetcar stop near the bridge on the West Virginia side for passengers who wanted to get off and walk to Louise and Cross Creek or over the bridge. There were steps from Route 2 up to the bridge tracks for walkers.









Bottom far right see old Cox and later Boyd Farm house. Bottom bridge on left, See “The Rock” popular swimming hole 1930-40s.






Wabash Bridge



Andy Banfi and Frank S. Chorba (1936) and hundreds of others walked over the Wabash Bridge to the popular clubs in Mingo.  They also walked through the tunnel and along the tracks to Louise and other mining areas along Cross Creek where dancing and bars existed.