1913 – Weisberger Family Comes To Follansbee

1913 Weisberger Family The Weisberger family has served the city of Follansbee for more than a hundred years.  In 1913, Herman Weisberger came to the city and opened a clothing store.  However, in 1918 he sold out to the Walter Miller of the Union Mercantile Company. In 1929, Herman’s son Morris Weisberger returned to the city opening a family clothing store. In 1937 David Weisberger assumed management.  David and his three brothers, Fred, Sidney and Morris, expanded the business of their father Herman from its Mingo Junction roots to Weirton, Steubenville and Follansbee prior to World War II.  “The Follansbee store is the sole remaining Weisberger location…” Following in the footsteps of his uncle David Weisberger, Arnold Plittman became owner of Weisberger’s Clothing Store in the 1970s.  The store continues to offer a wide variety of men’s clothing from sportswear and work-related clothing to suits and tuxedos.  The store is located at 709 Main Street.


Mark R. Weitzman provided the following additional background regarding Herman Weisberger and the evolution of Follansbee’s Weisberger store.   

Herman Weisberger was a nephew of Max Gelb. Max Gelb started his clothing store in Mingo Junction Ohio in 1884. He brought his nephew Herman to this country and employed him in the Gelb Clothing store eventually bringing him on as a partner in 1907. This partnership eventually included Ed Klein, who was Max Gelb’s brother-in-law.  Max Gelb eventually sold the business to Herman Weisberger and Ed Klein in 1911.  Max Gelb moved to Cleveland Ohio at that time but continued to own property and investments in the Mingo/Steubenville area.  He also owned an equal 1/3 share as a silent partner in the Union Mercantile located in Follansbee. The Union Mercantile Company eventually became Weisberger. 

Weisberger Store



Max Gelb’s store in Mingo Junction Year abc. 1907.  From left to right:  Max Gelb, Ed Klein, and Herman Weisberger.




  • Mark R. Weitzman, grandson of Max Gelb, provided the above photo of the 1907 Gelb Clothing store in Mingo later sold to Weisberger and Klein. 
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