May 9, 1913 – Fraternal Order Of The Eagles Memorial

Each year the F.O.E. paid respect to the departed members.  The 1913 Memorial was held at the Grand Theatre in Steubenville.   The Hon. Robert L. Ramsey represented   Follansbee’s Eagles Lodge and their departed member, W. B. Jones.  Ramsey was Follansbee’s first city solicitor and city sergeant.  During the 1920s, he was the Prosecutor in the famous Madame Stanley murder trial (See October 1922 on timeline).

His eloquent memorial presentation included the following lines.

“Death has no more mystery than life.  Both are inevitable.  In life man is mortal and is bound to die. Our order represents the best in civilization. Progress goes on in carrying out God’s final purposes.  Each generation takes its step beyond the one that has gone on before. There never was a life that did not gather about it some love and sympathy and leave an impression on its generation either for good or bad.   All great nations have honored their great men by statues. The life beyond the grave has challenged the thought of the theologian and the philosopher.  The quiet voice convinces us that there is a life beyond the grave.  The struggle between belief and unbelief is as strong today as ever before.  The principles of this ordeal are founded on the Bible. Our simple faith teaches us that there is a beautiful life somewhere.  We shall meet our departed brothers face to face in the hereafter.  Our high obligations should strengthen our arm for the time when the death summons comes.”

  • Mills Town Review, “F.O.E. Memorial,” May 9, 1913, front page.