1914 – Mahan School Is Constructed

The land that Mahan School was built upon was formerly occupied by Thomas Skews. Skews’ home was moved by contractor Joe Zago to a lot near the school site.  The contract to built Mahan School was awarded to Craig & Co. of Follansbee.  Mahan School contained eight rooms, two large halls and basement. The basement was divided into a cafeteria area and a basketball gym.   The building was built of Coshocton mat faced buff brick, trimmed with Indiana limestone.   Mahan School opened its doors on Tuesday, February 23, 1915.   The first teachers were Ida Riggs, Garda Batchcll and Jessie Lantz. When the school became over-capacity in the 1930s, a small one-room building was built along side the school, known as the “chicken shed,” where first grade was conducted.

Mahan School served the Lower End of town and the Cross Creek area. In 1962 fire damaged the rear portion of the building. Children were temporary placed in vacant rooms leased by the school district while renovations occurred. In 1969 when the new Jefferson School opened, children from Mahan began to attend Jefferson. Classes were discontinued at Mahan. The school building was demolished in 1973 and replaced with a recreation site, including basketball courts.

  • *See Final Days of Mahan School
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Mahan School









Top Row: ____________, ____________, ____________, Joe Boniey (?), Joe Sebastanelli, Steve Bellanco, Mr. Walmsley
Second Row: Isaiah Owens, Amelia Tecca, Gilda Consalvo, Emily Charakopos, Blanche Checca, Alexandra Puy, Anna Cavatassi, Helen DeAngelis
Third Row: Susie DeStefano, Eva Dalesio, Helen DeSantis, Doris Fields, Virginia Furdea, Eldora West, Bill Chiodo
Bottom Row: Joe Duckworth, Joe Settimio, James Molnar, Mike Kokos (?), Dick Johnson, Bill Kleiner, ____________, Mike Falbo

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