1962-1973- Final Days of Mahan School

Mahan grade school was built at Main and State streets in 1914.  The school served the lower-end of Follansbee from Penn street to the lower city limits, and children from the Cross Creek vicinity.  In 1962, the school suffered significant damage to the rear of the building from fire.  During the renovation of the school, children attended classes in various locations where temporary space was leased by the city.

In 1969 the new enlarged Jefferson School was constructed and Mahan students began attending Jefferson.  The Mahan building was no longer in use.

In June 1973, Mayor Adam Dalessio’s city council passed the necessary legislation to demolish Mahan School and create a recreation area on the site.  “Residents of Follansbee were amazed at the speed the Murphy Construction Co. of Wellsburg demolished” the grand old school.
The school was gone but the fire escape remained.  Matz Malooe, a Herald Star newspaper photographer, captured the last standing remains of the school.  The photo was titled, “A Staircase to Nowhere ???.  For hundreds of residents who recall their childhood years at Mahan, the photo remains a lasting memory.
Council moved quickly with the Mahan School recreational site project.  The Tri-State Asphalt Co. was contracted for black-topping the of basketball, tennis, and handball courts.  The Lee Kane Fence Co. of East Liverpool installed 600 feet of aluminum fencing.  Additional plans were underway for lighting the area during evenings.  The recreational site continues to exists and serves the kids of the local community.
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