1923 – Coal Mines In Or Near Follansbee

Many Mom-Pop mines existed in the early years of the city.   In fact, many folks simply dug coal out of the hillside in their back yard.   However, newspaper sources do record some coal companies that were near or in Follansbee.   They include:

  • McKinley Coal Company – purchased 175 acres from T.C. Bane of Short Creek, Mill Towns Review, May 30, 1913, p. 5.
  • Clifton Coal Company – Took over properties of the Brooke County Coal Company in Cross Creek, Mill Towns Review, July 17, 1914, front page.
  • Gilchrist Coal Company – loading a fleet of barges for shipment down river, Follansbee Review, Dec. 10, 1915, front page.
  • West Virginia – Pittsburg Coal Company – Built new tenement houses at Colliers, Follansbee Review, Jan. 29, 1915, p. 8.
  • Coal Operators, Messrs, Reel, Walker, and Finley negotiate with city to haul more coal to city buildings and schools, Follansbee Review, “Agree to weight Coal”, March 9, 1917, front page.
  • J.Q. Arnold Coal Company — operating East of town.  It cut coal supply to the Follansbee mill, Herald Star, Oct. 30, 1919, p. 8.
  • A.W. Smith Mine – George’s Run – Was looking for miners,, Herald Star, Oct. 30, 1919, p. 8.
  • Follansbee Gas & Coal Company at Arnold –operating as early as 1921
  • Petrelli Coal Company – Managed by Follansbee owners, Herald Star, Oct. 13, 1922, p. 5.
  • Cliftonville Mines – 500 miners from Avella waged war.  Brooke County Sheriff H.H. Duval was killed along with nine miners, Follansbee Review, July 21, 1922, front page.
  • P.V. & K. Coal Company — operating in 1923
  • R. Humes Coal Company – operating in 1923
  • Louise Mine – Steve Shamitko crushed by stones, Herald Star, Aug. 31, 1925, p. 7.
  • Banfi Coal – operating in 1926.  The tipple can still be seen on private land across from Oak Grove Cemetery. Its operator, Andrew Banfi, was crushed to death there in 1936.
  • Wendt Coal Mine – Operating on Hooverson Heights in 1931.  A stag party was held there by Fred Wendt, Carl Bofo and others. Follansbee Review, Jan. 29, 1931.
  • Fireside Fuel Coal Mine – operating in 1938.  The mine was outside Follansbee in Tent Church road area.
Mark Harlan 1954

Mark Harlan on Tom at Fireside Fuel Mine. Photo-1954.





1923 Coal Mine


Cliftonville Mine coal camp 1930s.  



1923 Coal Mines


Manager of Fireside Fuel Mine 1954.