1923 – Oak Grove Cemetery Was Established

Oak Grove cemetery is located on farm land purchased from J. S. Philabaum. First to be buried in the cemetery was Anna Boffo, the infant daughter of Alex and Theresa who moved to the area now called Hooverson Heights in 1920. My Father, Frank S. Chorba, remembered graves being moved by horse drawn wagons from the Bates farm area north of Follansbee to Oak Grove. He recalled seeing a broken coffin with red hair peaking out. Prior to Oak Grove, no public graveyard was located in Follansbee. That is why earlier burials occurred at Brooke Cemetery in Wellsburg.   Today, Oak Grove symbolizes the memory of hundreds of citizens whose courage and spirit lives on in Follansbee.

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Early Earl Wendt family burial. Notice Alleghany Street in the background.

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