1928 – The Hooverson Heights Hilltoppers Baseball Team

In a column for The Herald Star, Warren Scott noted that the team members included early residents of Hooverson Heights, a section of Follansbee.  The starters were Steve Brandenburg, Tom Geary, Joe and Frank Janeshek, Bill Cole, John Karnage, and Ted and Ed Krystynak.   The home field was located near First and Second streets in the vicinity of Hooverson Heights known as Gearyville.  Orie “Mike” Davis was one of the first to coach the Hilltoppers baseball team, which continued playing into the 1940s. See photos and full column of Warren Scott’s text on-line given below.

The Weirton Daily Times reported on a 1939 game between the Weirton Heights Ex-Home Furniture baseball team and the Follansbee Hilltoppers.   “The contest developed into a spirited mound duel between Danny DeAngelis  [Weirton] and Dady with each moundsman giving up only five hits.”  DeAngelis pitched Weirton to a 2-1 victory. The Follansbee lineup for the game was E. Janeshek (c), Krystanak (lf), Bullock (ss), Dady (p), Brindley (2b), W. Janeshek (1b), Yevuta (cf), and Peters (rf).

The June 18th, 1931, Follansbee Review reported on the Hilltoper’s season under the management of Thomas Weatherhead in 1931. The team was having a fine season winning 18, loosing 2, and tying 1.  They played their hardest games of the season so far when they met the Louise Colored Athletics. The following schedule identifies only those games played up to June 18, 1931.

  • Indians 8 High Y 4
  • Indians 18 Follansbee Hillsiders 3
  • Indians 10 Follansbee Hillsiders 7
  • Indians 3 Logrow 9
  • Indians 9 Colliers Athletics 3
  • Indians 6 High Y 7
  • Indians 5 Follansbee Lowerenders 3
  • Indians 9 Steubenville Northend 3
  • Indians 7 West Middletown (PA) 7    Called because of darkness
  • Indians 12 West Middletown (PA) 3
  • Indians 14 West Middletown (PA) 4
  • Indians 8 Logrow 7
  • Indians 16 West Middletown (PA) 4
  • Indians 8 Follansbee Lowerenders 1
  • Indians 8 Follansbee Lowerenders 5
  • Indians 2 Louise Colored Athletics 1
  • Indians 14 Eldersville 6
  • Indians 12 Matheny Weirton Boosters 3
  • Indians 8 Federal Cigar of Archer Heights 4
  • Indians 18 Matheny Weirton Boosters 2
  • Indians 13 Wellsburg Rabbit Hill Athletics 1













Members of Hillsdale Baseball Team  – Ralph Baldauf, Bill Schaeger, Russell Stillwell, Francis Smitz, – – McGraw.  Jim Baldauf & Harry Edwards kneeling in front, ca. 1935.  Courtesy -Larry Iafrate

Picture 1


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