March 1918 – Examples Of Follansbee’s Patriotism

The Karnath family of Polish descent was supporting the nation by giving four sons to the service, Frank, John, Samual, and Joseph.  Andrew Sabol and three of his brothers went together to the service.  The Daily Lunch, a Greek restaurant, hung up a flag with stars for each of their employees who were in the service, George Mitchell, William Zibelas, Leo Huth, and Mick Cornelius.   The Knights of Pythias Lodge had 30 men in different branches of Uncle Sam’s service, 15% of its 200 members. The Follansbee Brothers Tin Mill suspended operations during time of parades honoring men leaving for the service. Four Follansbee boys wrote home from Camp Lee:  “We are the boys from Follansbee, we enjoy life in Camp Lee, we also belong to the infantry.  We are well trained and we can lick Germany. This is one Camp Lee favorite song.  Where do we go from here boys to slip the pill to Kaiser Bill and make him shed a tear.  And when we will see the enemy we will shoot them in the rear. Oh boys — Oh joys, where do we go from here?” Signed, Frank J. Karnath, Howard McCarl, Frank Ross, and Salvatoro Stillitano.

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A parade down Main Street in Follansbee sent the boys off to war circa 1917. Photo courtesy of former Mayor Tony Paesano, Follansbee.


Photo courtesy of former Mayor Tony Paesano, Follansbee.