Feb. 1918 -Italians Support War Effort Back Home

The Lodge of Giuseppe Garibaldi — Italia Redenta contributed money to support the relief of Italian soldiers and expressed their love of their native land.  Committees were organized to raise the money.  Among the prominent Follansbee Italian citizens who gave their support were Signori Joe Zago, Frank de Franch, Joe Bonitatibus, Antonio Cocco, Berardino Fransoglio, and Vito Paesano. Other Italian colonies in Mingo and Wellsburg also sent their contributions through the Italian Ambassador in Washington, D.C.

Follansbee’s Italian boys joined the Italian Army.   A list of military service men serving in the US or Allied forces up to January 24, 1918 was printed in the city newspaper. Since Italy was at war with Austria-Hungary, Italian-Americans had the choice of returning to fight with the Italian army or serving with their new country. Many chose to join the Italian forces to fight against Austria in northern Italy.   Among the native Italian boys who served in the Italian army were the following:  (All names spelled as listed by the paper.)

Giuseppi Alak
Sunte Allandazo
Frank Librante
Frank Nicastro
Nicolo Groce
Gaetano Croce
Rocco DeMaria
Emilio Faenzi
Pietro Ferelli
Flaviano Ginolite (Killed in Action)
Frank Nicastro
Antonio Roco
Giuseppe Stupa
Flaviano Ginolite   (Killed in Action)
Angelo Terbuiani
Luigi Trebinani   (Killed in Action)
Antonio Verne
Pete Vanni
Charles Vanni

Follansbee Review, February 8, 1918.

Follansbee Review, “Enlisted & Drafted Men..,” Feb. 1, 1918, p.5.