Nov. 19, 1939 – Victory Dance Held At The Red Horse Tavern

Following the Blue Wave win over Wellsburg, a victory dance was organized by the Pepper Club to honor Coach James Carey and the Blue Wave football team.  The Red Horse Tavern was a popular gathering place in the 1930s.  Its location was near where the Archer Heights road joins route 2. The Homecoming Dance included a floorshow. Music was provided by Jim Lusk’s band.

Red horse inn The Red Horse Tavern featured big bands and dancing.  It was a popular venue for banquets.  Occasional squabbles also occurred there, especially between Follansbee and Wellsburg rivals. The proprietors were Jones and McCreary.  In April 1937 when the Tavern re-opened after remodeling, Eddie Peyton’s band from Pittsburgh entertained over 200 couples.  Later in January 1937, a Birthday Ball in honor of President Roosevelt was given at the Red Horse Tavern.

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  • (A video tape of the Follansbee/Wellsburgh and Follansbee/Mingo 1939 games is in the Brooke Country Library, Wellsburg.)