Nov. 18, 1939-Follansbee Blue Wave Rolls Over Wellsburg 53-6

Coach Jimmy Carrey’s powerful offense scored eight touchdowns to defeat Wellsburg for the annual Brooke county championship battle.  3,000 fans witnessed the heated rivalry at Follansbee High School Field.   It was the sixth straight win for Carey’s team.  Vic Bonie, Captain Joe Chorba, and George Johnson each scored two touchdowns.  Lupinetti and Yauch added the other two scores.  Bonie and Buccalo made the extra points.

Members of the Follansbee Peppers club with their canes and peppers were on hand as well as the Follansbee and Wellsburg high school bands The Follansbee High School team of 1939 is considered by locals as one of the best in the school’s history. The starting roster included Bill Lewis (LE), Mario Lombardi (LT), Mike Salatino (LG),  Dick Kimmel (C), Nick Consalvo (RG), Eugene Buccalo (RT),  J. Dunn (RE), George Johnson (QB), Johnny Yauch (LH), Vic Bonie (RH), and Captain Joe Chorba (FB). Vic Bonie’s educated toe won two games over Warwood and Benwood Union 3-0 by kicking field goals. Joe Chorba and Mario Lombardi played in the first Ohio Valley All-Star Game. Chorba went on to play football at Alabama with Russ Craft of Wellsburg.  Tony Leon of Follansbee was also on the Alabama team during this era.

1939-Football Score Card Line Up




















1939 starting lineup for Wellsburg game. Photo taken from original game score card.







Coach Carey picture signed to Captain Joe Chorba after victory over Wellsburg in 1939

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1939 Follansbee HS marching band.   Photo courtesy of Mayor’s office Follansbee.

1939 Follansbee Vs. Wellsburg game. Camera scans the band and fans.