Oct. 4, 1927 – Mahans Celebrate 50th Wedding Day

Dressed in the same clothes in which they were married 50 years ago, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Mahan celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary at their home on Main street.  Hundreds of guests and members of the family were present to honor the couple. Their home was decorated throughout with autumn flowers.   The grand-daughters served lunch upon a grand table with a center piece of gold candles and flowers.   Many beautiful gifts were presented to the couple including a handsome floor lamp bestowed by the Women’s Study Club.  A chime clock was given by the Presbyterian Church and a set of gold banded Haviland China by a group of Presbyterian ladies. Other lovely gifts included gold-banded glassware, linen, gold coins, books, a bar pin, and thimbles of gold.   The children gave their Mother an amethyst ring and their Father a wallet containing his name in gold lettering.  Mrs. Mahan’s maiden name was Miriam C. Browning.

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